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  The International Primary Care Clinic at Haikou People’s Hospital.


  海口市人民医院全科国际门诊是海南省首个在大型三甲医院门诊部设立的全科国际门诊,从成立至今一直致力于为中外患者朋友提供优质、舒适和以人为中心的医疗服务。全科国际门诊主任Dr. Timothy Stephens(沈义扬)是美国注册家庭医生,精通英语、汉语、西班牙语和法语,国际门诊的所有医护人员均具备熟练的英语沟通能力。  全科国际门诊下属全科医学科,全科医学科成立于2006年,是医教研结合的科室,拥有自己的住院病房。2013年全科医学科被认定为国家级全科住院医师规范化培训基地,负责医院全科住院医师培训项目,数年来培养的全科医生已遍布海南各个市县的基层社区中心和卫生院。











  Since 2010, the International Primary Care Clinic has been dedicated to providing high-quality, culturally-appropriate, person-centered primary care services for the local and international community in Hainan. This clinic is the first of its kind in Hainan, located in the outpatient building of Haikou People’s Hospital, one of the largest tertiary public hospitals in Hainan. The clinic director, Dr. Timothy Stephens, is a board-certified American family physician who can provide care in English, Chinese, Spanish, and French. Our International Clinic physicians and nursing staff speak fluent English and Chinese.

  The International Clinic is part of the General Practice Department, established in 2006, which has its own inpatient ward, and has a dual mission of clinical care and medical education. The General Practice Department is responsible for the hospital’s general practice standardized residency training program, nationally accredited since 2013, which has trained many local doctors currently serving in primary care settings throughout Hainan province. 

  We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you and your family members. Our physicians routinely care for many common health problems and chronic illnesses for adults and children; we can also help you coordinate referral to appropriate specialists. We strongly encourage patients to make appointments.

  Hours of Service: Monday to Friday 08:00-12:00 and 14:30-17:30.

  Please note: Closed on weekends and all official Chinese public holidays.

  Address: 43 Renmin Avenue, Haikou, Hainan 570208

  Clinic Phone: (0898)-6615-1024

  For emergencies, please dial 120 or call the hospital emergency triage center at (0898)-6615-1100 (please note: Chinese language only).